REPORT: Wind farms help maintain and increase local property values

Wind farms help maintain and increase property values by boosting local economic development. They provide significant funding to schools, county governments, and other local services, which improve property values by making communities more attractive for growth and commerce.

In addition, wind projects support local businesses by infusing new income and jobs into the economy.

The impacts of wind farms on property values have been researched extensively using a variety of sophisticated statistical techniques. Several of these recent studies have been reviewed by independent researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Research Investigating Wind Facility Effects on Nearby Property Values. While noting that wind facilities can increase a property’s assessed value, these studies produce no conclusive evidence that wind farms harm property values over time. In fact, neither the view of wind facilities nor the distance of a home to those facilities is found to have a statistically significant effect on sales prices. Due to this lack of evidence, the National Association of Realtors has never concluded that turbines reduce property values.