New Poll from NextGen Climate: 83% of Ohio Voters Support #50by30

NextGen Climate has released a new poll that shows Ohio voters are in full support of powering our county with more than 50% clean energy by 2030. Of the 83% who favored the policy, 75% were Republican. And 42% of respondents are more likely to vote for a presidential candidate who supports #50by30, while only 14% are less likely.  NextGen Climate Ohio State Director Joanne Pickrell said this of the polling data: "Ohio voters want our next president to be a champion for clean energy and they're ready to make their voices heard at the ballot box." Pickrell explained the benefits that #50by30 will bring: "For Ohioans, powering our country with more than 50% clean energy by 2030 will create up to 56,000 jobs—including thousands of jobs in the construction sector—while growing the state's economy by up to $9.5 billion." Click through to read more Continue reading

Lawmaker’s ‘secret subsidy’ claim rebuked by Ohio wind backers

Midwest Energy News examines lawmaker's commentary regarding wind energy development in Ohio. You can find the article here.

It's Prime Time for Ohio to Embrace Better Wind Energy Policies: NRDC

Doesn’t it make sense to embrace the renewable energy you have instead of hinder it? That’s exactly what Henry Henderson, Director of the Midwest Program NRDC, addressed in a recent blog post. “Despite being a national leader in creating wind-related manufacturing products like turbines and blades, Ohio created a law that essentially makes putting these products to use on a commercial scale unfeasible in the state,” Henderson wrote. Click through to read more Continue reading

Ohio Voters Love Wind and Solar

According to a survey conducted by the Sierra Club, two-thirds of Ohio voters are in favor of a plan that would cut overall carbon dioxide emissions. The survey covered voters in Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Virginia and Maine.  "This data clearly show[s] that majorities in these states support the EPA's Clean Power Plan," said Grace McRae, the Sierra Club's polling and research director. Click through to keep reading. Continue reading

Ohio's Clean Energy Standards Prevent Asthma Attacks and Increase Work Productivity

A new study finds that Ohio's Clean Energy standards were benefiting the state of Ohio before a two-year freeze began that temporarily halted them. The benefits included fewer asthma attacks and emergency room visits as well as increased work productivity.    Continue reading

See Turbine Construction from Beginning to End

MidAmerican Energy posted this informative and cool video that shows a turbine being constructed from beginning to end. The video includes interesting facts about the individual parts of the turbine (such as the nacelle being the size of a school bus!) and how long it takes to assemble.Check out the video below! MidAmerican Turbine Construction

How Wind Turbines Work

Have you ever wondered how a wind turbine works? Save On Energy posted an animated graphic that shows every step of how a turbine works. Check out the cool picture below!  Continue reading

Department of Energy Releases New Wind Vision

You can find the full report here. The DOE’s new Wind Vision Report explores our nation’s potential to increase its energy production from wind power.    According to the report, America’s wind power capacity has tripled since the 2008 release of the Energy Department’s 20% Wind Energy by 2030 report, making it more clear than ever that it will be possible for the U.S. to generate a significant portion of its power from land-based, offshore and distributed wind facilities by 2030. The report outlines numerous benefits the U.S. will receive from increasing our domestic production of wind energy, including reduced pollution, increased domestic employment, consumer cost savings, water conservation, nationwide availability, and increased community revenues. Continue reading

IKEA Makes First Wind Farm Investment in the United States

We're very excited to announce an important event for Apex Clean Energy!  Today, we are pleased to announce an agreement with the IKEA Group to purchase the Hoopeston Wind farm now being constructed by Apex in Illinois!  The full press release can be found here.  Or read on to learn more... Continue reading

Australian Medical Association: No Evidence of Wind Energy Causing Adverse Health Effects

According to an official statement published by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) on March 18th of this year, "The available Australian and international evidence does not support the view that the infrasound or low frequency sound generated by wind farms, as they are currently regulated in Australia, causes adverse health effects on populations residing in their vicinity. The infrasound and low frequency sound generated by modern wind farms in Australia is well below the level where known health effects occur, and there is no accepted physiological mechanism where sub-audible infrasound could cause health effects." Continue reading