Ohio's Clean Energy Standards Prevent Asthma Attacks and Increase Work Productivity

A new study finds that Ohio's Clean Energy standards were benefiting the state of Ohio before a two-year freeze began that temporarily halted them. The benefits included fewer asthma attacks and emergency room visits as well as increased work productivity. 


The study was completed by the League of Conservation Voters, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Environmental Law & Policy Center, and the Ohio Environmental Council. The study estimates that if the standards are renewed in 2017, they would prevent the following:

  • 16,900 lost work days
  • 2,230 asthma attacks
  • 100 hospital admissions
  • 120 asthma-related emergency department visits
  • 230 heart attacks
  • at least 140 premature deaths

And this is all just in the first year! The full study is available here and the official press release is here.