Ask Huron County to support a PILOT

You may have heard that Emerson Creek Wind is seeking a PILOT agreement with Huron County.

But did you know that those who are opposing the project are misleading the public about what PILOT agreements will mean for local residents?

The truth is that PILOTs benefit local counties. Here's how:

A PILOT sets a consistent and predictable annual payment that is made directly to the county, local schools, and townships throughout the life of a project. Unlike a standard tax on a wind project, which will significantly decrease as the project ages, this payment cannot depreciate over time and it allows for smarter investment and infrastructure planning within the county.

A PILOT for Emerson Creek Wind would provide Huron County with the following benefits that would not otherwise be guaranteed:

  • A consistent $2.7 million per year
  • Fire/emergency responder training and equipment
  • Apprenticeship program through a local university to educate and train individuals for careers in the wind and solar energy industries
  • A Road Use Agreement and bond to repair all roads, bridges, ditches, and culverts affected by construction to their pre-construction conditions
  • Ohio jobs: Under a PILOT, energy companies must maintain a ratio of at least 50% Ohio-domiciled full-time employees employed in the construction or installation of the project

Tell your County Commissioners to support a PILOT for Emerson Creek Wind!