Community Grant Application

Apex Clean Energy is pleased to support educators, entrepreneurs, and changemakers in Huron and Erie Counties. One small way we can do this is by giving back through our community grant program. If you represent a group or organization that meets one of our four key funding categories (see below), we encourage you to complete the application below to apply for  grant. Overall, our goal is to fund projects and programs that build healthy communities, create economic opportunity, encourage environmental sustainability and promote education. 

  • Building Healthy Communities:
    Programs that support good government, open communication, citizen resources, and/or enhance the quality of life in the community. Applicants must demonstrate how the program or event contributes to these social goals.
  • Economic Development:
    Apex Clean Energy supports and encourages the entrepreneurial spirit. It is part of our mission to serve as a catalyst for economic opportunity and development within the communities where we operate.
  • Environmental Sustainability:
    Programs that possess a strong link to environmental revitalization, sustainability, or education thereof, empower residents to be stewards of the environment, and/or encourage partnerships to address environmental concerns and sustainability. Participating organizations must have a credible record of success in environmental performance.
  • Promoting Education:
    Programs that support educational institutions, the advancement of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), and training programs for careers in the wind industry. This may include curriculum development, literacy, school readiness, and other initiatives that help students grow into young leaders. Vocational training institutions that help build a skilled workforce are also included and encouraged to apply.



Applications will be considered as they are received. When filling out your application, please be as detailed as possible. To submit an application, please complete a document or send an email with your responses to the questions below. Please send responses to [email protected]

Apex is very cautious to ensure that its community grant program is not used to create undue influence on local decision-makers, or even the appearance of such an impropriety. Grant applications that Apex determines might create a perception of impropriety will not be awarded. No preferential treatment is expected or desired in exchange for grant awards.



Please provide detailed answers to the questions below. If you require additional space, please provide your responses in a separate Word doc and attach it to this application.

1. Tell us briefly about your organization. For example, you may include a brief synopsis of the organization’s mission, history, or other information you think may be helpful. 

2. Please provide a detailed description of the project to be funded, including the amount of support being requested, and total budget for the project.

3. What specifically will the funding be used for? How does this benefit the community overall?

4. Please provide the names and titles of board members or key leaders of the organization requesting the funding.

5. Will you provide proof of registration, or qualifying non-profit status, including tax-exempt determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service**?



6. Is a W-9 included in your application/response? (We will need to follow-up to ask for a W-9 if there is none provided)